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You don’t have to be a web designer or even computer savvy for this help topic, just upload your pictures into any photo editing software, and get to work with some creative cropping techniques.  Moreover, the use of props can help to bring out certain sales features in your photo. Taking a shot is often just the beginning, next comes the editing and the touch ups. Choose 1-3 different sizes from large to medium and small. Edit your photos to fit one of the pre-selected sizes so that you won’t have too much variation. As you prepare images for your site, make sure they are approximately the same size. If you are selling a particular product, take a shot of the actual product with a recognizable everyday item. For example, if you take a picture of a computer screen, show it next to a coffee mug or pen. Take pictures of your product next to an item that will help people relate to it in real life. Things like cropping and color correction can make a world of difference in a photo.

St Louis Commercial Photographer showing image scale and cropping examples
St Louis Commercial Photographer showing image scale and cropping example

If you’d like to take a picture of something very small, and even the “macro” feature is not enough, use an image extension tube – it gives a focus for the smallest of details. The extension tube is typically a tool used by photography pros but as you advance with your photo shoots you may find yourself developing an appetite for advanced tools and other photo instruments. If you are selling wearable’s, having at least one picture of your product on a model is the way to go. Potential buyers will get an idea of how the item will look on them and also, it could show the type of target audience you’re aiming for.

This video clip contains some of our recent images shot in the studio and on location.  Pay close attention to the cropping and close ups of our macros at work as we described.

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